CIB W78 2024

Collocated and co-organised along with the


International Summit

October 2024, Marrakesh, Morocco

Important Dates

  • Conference: October 1st October 3rd 2024
  • Full Paper Due: May 15th 2024

Topic Areas

Digital Twin Implementation

  • Digital Twins to support Architectural and Engineering Design
  • Digital Twins to support Construction Processes
  • Digital Twins for Facility Management
  • 'Cognitive'/AI-enhanced Digital Twins

Data Integration

  • Model-based and Data-Driven Engineering
  • Sensor data, Geometric data, and Semantic data
  • Knowledge Representation and Linked Data
  • Ontology Engineering for modelling and visualization
  • Reasoning, Constraint Checking and Inference

Product & Process Modelling

  • Building Information Modelling
  • Digital Twins and Smart Structures
  • IT-Supported Architectural and Engineering Design
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Model-Based Management Tools and Systems
  • Production Planning and Control
  • 4D/nD Modelling
  • Lean Construction
  • Industrialized Construction, Offsite, and Prefabrication
  • Robotic Construction

Sensing, Simulation, Resilience

  • Situation Awareness and Sensing Technologies
  • Data Acquisition, Analysis and Storage
  • Computer Vision
  • Data interpretation methods for design, construction and maintenance
  • Novel sensor and monitoring systems
  • Resilience for Infrastructure and the Built Environment
  • Visualization and Simulation Techniques
  • Real-time Risk management
  • Communication and collaboration technologies
  • Machine learning
  • Big data analytics


  • VR/AR applications for AEC
  • Collaborative visual and augmented environments
  • Mobile and wearable computing
  • Interactive and mixed media environments
  • Implementation of VR/AR in AEC

Scientific Commitee

  • Peter Demian, Loughborough University;
  • Judith Fauth, University of Cambridge;
  • Ipek Gursel Dino, Middle East Technical University;
  • Timo Hartmann, Technische Universität Berlin;
  • Tarek Hassan, Loughborough University;
  • Alan Hore, Narvis Ltd;
  • Zhen-Zhong Hu, Tsinghua University;
  • Raymond Issa, University of FLorida;
  • Xiaohua Jin, Western Sydney University;
  • Aliakbar Kamari, Aarhus University;
  • Iva Kovacic, TU Wien;
  • Sylvain Kubicki, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology;
  • Bimal Kumar, University of Strathclyde;
  • Ghang Lee, Yonsei University;
  • Nan Li, Tsinghua University;
  • Haijiang Li, Cardiff University;
  • Jhonattan Martinez, Aarhus University;
  • Jenn McArthur, Toronto Metropolitan University;
  • John Messner, Penn State;
  • Nicola Moretti, UCL;
  • Ivan Mutis, Illinois Institute of Technology;
  • Dragana Nikolic, University of Reading;
  • James O'Donnell, University College Dublin;
  • Esther Obonyo, Penn State;
  • Farzad Rahimian, Teesside University;
  • Benny Raphael, IIT Madras;
  • Raimar Scherer, TU Dresden;
  • Carl Schultz, Aarhus University;
  • Joao Soliman-Junior, University of Huddersfield;
  • Georg Suter, TU Wien;
  • Lavinia Chiara Tagliabue, University of Turin;
  • Andrej Tibaut, University of Maribor;
  • Eduardo Toledo Santos, Universidade de São Paulo;
  • Artur Tomczak, buildingSMART International;
  • Žiga Turk, University of Ljubljana, FGG;
  • Patricia Tzortzopoulos, University of Huddersfield;
  • Léon van Berlo, buildingSMART International;
  • Alain ZARLI, R2M - ECTP;
  • Jiansong Zhang, Purdue University;
  • Robert Amor, Auckland University;
  • Jakob Beetz, RWTH Aachen University

Organizing Committee

  • Jenn McArthur
  • Robert Amor
  • Leon van Berlo
  • Dan Little
  • Jakob Beetz